Marble Mountains

Colonada Marble Mountains
Nine Months In Italy With Sculpture and Drawing

By Gordon Punt, MFA
All Photos & Drawings are by G. Punt

The Following are excerpts and highlights from Gordon's journal written in 1985 describing his experience in Carrara Italy. He had just finished earning his Bachelor of Arts degree at Sonoma State University and was on his way to Italy to start working on his Master's Degree in Fine Art. This journey recounts what it is like to live in Italy as a sculpture student, get marble from the marble mountains, interact with the local population and authorities, make drawings from nude models, and carve stone sculptures in the winter with no heat. This journal also includes drawings and photographs he made along the way. We will be adding more parts of this journal as time goes by, so please check in every month or so for updates. The original journal is 90 pages. His Masters Thesis was made up from this journal, but it is not yet available to the public. Enjoy, and thanks for your interest.

Click on links below to read what ever Journal entry you are interested in. As mentioned before, we will be adding more entries as time goes on.

July 11, 1984
Arrival by Train in Carrara, Italy
August 3, 1984
Two 6' Foot Marble Rocks
August 12, 1984
Marble Mountains by Moon Light
August 15, 1984
Nude Drawing Sessions

August 30, 1984
Visit to the Blacksmith for Chisels