Captain's Gig - Punt



Paper Doll - Punt



I am out at sea, there is no calm,
The night gives little sleep, and the day is long.
My ears are filled with the forceful sound
Of wind and mighty surf,
And in this gale I hear the cries
Of those long since found drowned.
I've seen the East and known it's peoples,
Spoken it's language, praised it's steeples.
I've loved it's women, drank it's beer,
Laughed and danced in the atmosphere.
The life I've led has taught me more
Had I stayed home instead,
And in the learning I have taught,
When beauty and truth were what I sought.
This I've loved,
And at times, not loved so much,
But Dad I'm coming home,
And this no world could ever touch.

By Gordon Punt


My sculpting eyes watch the planes on her face
And at every imperfect turn my heart grows colder.
Those shapes are not like the ones -
I create with my chisel and file,
Nor like those from the hands of the classic masters.
My love eludes me in advertisements and TV,
Or in the magazines where the center page folds out.
There she teases me, talks to me like a lover,
Shows me her perfection, and offers me her treasure.
But where is the flesh beyond the pictures,
And how can I give my heart to a paper doll?

By Gordon Punt