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Metamorphosis - Punt

What Is Art?

Art today can be a white canvass, a burning American flag, or a poet reciting
verses in the silence of their mind. Art is also an outward expression of what
one is thinking or feeling, using materials or other means to convey it. There
is Fine Art, Commercial Art and everything in-between. I mostly appreciate art
that is made with skills that can only be attained after years of study and insight, combined with inspired talent. Many egos are bruised everyday when artists are not considered to be doing Fine Art, as opposed to other types of art. What is Fine Art? Fine Art to me is a serious use of artistic skills that have matured into an expression of ones thoughts. Fine Art to a Modern Art Museum might be a blank unpainted canvas, or a jar of urine. In this case I believe art has mutated into philosophy and no longer resembles anything to do with true art. So, does the King have clothes on, or not?

Why Do You Make Art?

There are many reasons why I make art. The first reason is because I have
always been an artist. In the First or Second grade I can recall standing up in
front of the class with the other award winning finger painters and showing off
our masterpieces. Since I had an aptitude in making art I often got praises
because of it, this encouraged me to do more and better creations. Aside from
the accolades, I soon noticed that I felt good or even happy when I was drawing or painting. Art became a safe harbor when I was feeling down. Other aspects of art eventually became apparent to me as well. Aside from making money, I found philosophical and political ideas could be expressed in art. The biggest aspiration I once saw for doing art was to be famous and to be written into the Art History books for creating great and ground breaking work. My goals are not so lofty now but I do strive to make something unique, and would not mind being recognized on some level for contributing original and quality art. Being respected by my pears and helping to further the artistic expression of those around me is also one of the main reasons I do art now. I love making art and maybe that is the only reason that counts.

Gordon Punt, MFA

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